The SUDS Difference

The SUDS Difference

SUDS Full Service Car Wash makes vehicles shine inside and out. Conveniently located on Winnipeg Street, SUDS is ready to make your car wash experience one to remember.

Locally owned and operated by the Kazeil family with a hardworking team behind them, SUDS’ cleaning standards, products, and customer service will give your vehicle a cleaning like no other.

Not only does SUDS give your vehicle an amazing clean, the company is also a proud member of the community.  The family-run business supports local events and organizations. SUDS has received awards for the customer service it provides to senior citizens, and every November offers free car washes to veterans. SUDS  has also been recognized by the Better Business Bureau for its business ethics.

SUDS is also proud of its team of long-time employees. The family-oriented company culture, coupled with good pay and an excellent working environment, has created a successful venture that cares for employees and in turn, cares for customers.

“We care for our team, and they care for our customers.”

What sets SUDS apart is NEOGLIDE® technology. NEOGLIDE®, and its advanced ‘blue finger’ wash, is the foundation of the SUDS clean and you’ll only find it at SUDS. NEOGLIDE® is a revolutionary wash material that is gentle but thorough on today’s clearcoat finishes. It never scratches or leaves a residue, and it outcleans conventional cloth and touchless washes, hands down. NEOGLIDE® will make your car shine like nothing else. Coupled with ZEP and ArmorAll products, it gives every vehicle the best wash available.

It’s a difference you can see. A NEOGLIDE® wash means that you won’t see the swirl marks that other car washes leave behind.


Because it inhibits water absorption NEOGLIDE® resists grit & dirt from becoming imbedded; thereby retaining its light & gentle characteristics throughout the wash cycle with no disturbance of the car’s clearcoat paint. NEOGLIDE® maintains the same consistency from the beginning till the end of the day. NEOGLIDE® has a phenomenal brightening effect on painted surfaces.

This revolutionary new wash material is extremely gentle to today’s soft clearcoat vehicles so there is no disturbance of the clearcoat paint. It eliminates pulling, tugging and damage to exterior vehicle parts. It outcleans, outlasts, and outperforms conventional cloth for a superior job.